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Our Media Has Been Specially Formulated To Be Compatible With Eco-Solvent Ink Jet Printers Manufactured By Mimaki, Roland and Epson.

And, they can be done in a very short time at a very low cost!

1. Print the package design on any ECO-SOLVENT printer using the JetComp printable media of your choice

2. Trim and assemble your mockup/prototype.

3. You have a finished prototype that is indistinguishable from the real thing!

• Snack Food Bags

• Bread Bags

• Folding Cartons

• Clear Cosmetic Type Boxes

• Flexible Packaging

• Pouches

• Labels-Invisible, Foil or White

• Shrink Sleeves

• Foil Cartons

In the past, the ability to make one off mockups with solvent inkjet printers was limited by the availability of media available. Not any more! 

Any type of package - from candy bars to die-cut boxes - can be made easily with the JeTComp System. Simply print and peel for flexible packaging or print and laminate for cartons or foil snack food bags.

Products shown on these pages are examples of the types of packages which can be made with the JeTComp system.

No representation is made that they are actual examples of JeTComp materials.

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